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Thirsty Painters

At our Events:

How it works... 

Canvas Painting
The evening includes a fun, warm, inviting atmosphere for your creative experience. A set evening runs for 2 hours. On arrival we encourage you to take a name tag, choose your picture. During the evening we keep your water clean, your glass full and the laughter flowing. Your paint is topped up as needed while some tranquil tunes play in the background. To learn more about our monthly paint parties CLICK HERE

Glass Painting
These events differ from event to event. In 2018 we introduced paint pens and this year we plan to bring your "paint brush art'. This will be an introduction to wine glass painting and provide you with the opportunity to design a set of wine glasses to enjoy with your friends at home...For more information CLICK HERE.

Inclusive cost:

Value for money...

Our evenings include:
* All paint materials         * BYO wine & beer at Community Centre venues
* Wine glasses                  * Tea & Coffee, nibbles
All this from just $35 per person
Plus, we now offer a courtesy vehicle to our Kaiapoi and Rangiora customers for parties of three to five people!

Where can you find us?

Our Set Venues...

Currently our regular monthly Canvas / wine glass paint parties are run at the Pegasus Community centre on the first Friday of the month. 

How to Book:

You have options...

* Choose your date / venue    OR       * Choose your picture
* Head to the shop and place your booking
We cater to a minimum of 10 people at each set event and can accommodate up to 50 people. Advance bookings are accepted.