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Thirsty Painters

Hosting a Party in your home, office or chosen venue, could not be easier.

Try our wine glass painting and become a Thirsty Painter!

Simply complete the booking form below, then sit back and relax... You provide the snacks and drinks we'll provide everything else!

What you can expect:

1. We travel to you - our costs are inclusive if you live within 15-20km from Pegasus Town (North Canterbury)

  - Should you live further a rate of $1.50 per km (return) will be added to your invoiced amount

2. We set the scene for you

  - This will take approximately 45 minutes 

  - You let us know what time you would like to start

3. All the art supplies are provided

  - We will set up the table settings to suit the number of people expected with everything they need

4.  Our standard parties run for 2 hours (this can be adapted to suit your circumstances - please specify if you are looking for something different) 

  - During this time we are present and helping to take care of you and your guests

  - We assist as hostess/es, to encourage a fun, creative environment

5. Then at the end of the party, we clean up and leave your venue as we found it 

  - This should take about 45 minutes (If possible, we require kitchen facilities for our clean up)

Cost Per Person:

Our standard charge for in-house Parties is $35.00 per person

The cost per person includes: Canvas, the use of our easels, paint and brushes, water glasses and table clothes  (colour can be stipulated and we will accommodate where possible)

Wine glasses can be provided

We do not provide drinks or snacks; tables or chairs. These are the responsibility of the host

Please read our terms and conditions before booking