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The person behind Creative Interactions NZ Ltd

Bronwyn Hunter

Creating an assortment of activities that bring people together

Business Owner

Creative Thinker
My role includes marketing; promotions and assisting with event coordination

What Creative Interactions means to me...

Finding the Creative YOU with Creative Interactions:

Happiness - Everybody has their own interpretation of the word because everyone has their own needs and desires for their life. On a broader scale, however, research has shown that people are happiest when they are with other people. Not necessarily large crowds but small group of 3-6 people. Since Creative Interactions is the heart beat of our business it seems fitting to embrace this concept and inspire our community to engage in activities that bring happiness, encouraging togetherness; and ultimately adding value to our lives. When we are surrounded by good people; with common purpose, our lives can be enriched and we can thrive: It's simple...Create & Interact.

While this has always been our intention at Creative Interactions, it is most encouraging to find the research to back our theory and practices.

We would love to enjoy moments of contentment; happiness; togetherness and well-being through creative interactions, with you.

Research has shown that creative crafting in groups can be used to explore new ways of problem-solving; valuing others opinions and finding a safe space to voice your own. It is no secret that creative interactions have significant health and well-being benefits. Endorphin are released during the creative process; relieving stress and creating a platform for expression and observation of oneself.

In this ever changing world our environment; the people around us and the expectations attached to survival, force us to accept the diversity that surrounds us. The role of a woman has changed dramatically to that of our grandmothers, two generations ago. With mounted stress; a high-paced lifestyle and the financial demands placed on people in general, we find ourselves living 'unhealthy' lives. I'm not referring to the daily veggie portion we should eat or the exercise program we do or don't participate in. No, I am referring to the lack of self; individuality and the importance of caring for ourselves. A healthy lifestyle is designed through self-care and then the care of our loved ones and the community. We cannot properly care for others if we do not take good care of ourselves first. 

In the hustle-bustle of every day life it is so important to slow down, relax, breath and take time to connect with oneself and other people. Creative Interactions is simply this. We have designed a platform that allows people of all ages to explore their creativity, unleash their passion and find purpose in life, through creative interactions.